Planning granted for contemporary copper clad extension

Planning has been granted for a contemporary copper  shingle clad first floor extension in Calverley, West Yorkshire. Located in the conservation area the extension looks to build over an existing flat roof single storey extension creating a 4th bedroom for the client.

A previous application had been submitted and refused prior to Wighton Architects being commissioned. Through a full appraisal of the existing site, constraints and previous refusal notice designs were developed which would fulfil the brief for an additional room whilst satisfying the local planning & conservation officers. In order to address the issues raised by the original refual notice a contemporary approach to the design was felt to be the best approach. This enabled the massing and detailing of the original host dwelling to be retained and read whilst also creating an additional bedroom.

Feedback from the planning and conservation officers was still negative however the designs had addressed all of the issues raised in the refusal notice. It was felt the contemporary proposal, whilst likely to still be refused at officer level, was the most likely to be approved at appeal. As envisaged the application was refused and an appeal was submitted immediately.

Finally the decision was received that the appeal was 'allowed' meaning that the client is now able to stay in Calverley and extend their house to meet the needs of their growing family.

The planning appeal officer noted that the 'modern intervention is well designed for its context.....and that the location, scale, massing, materials and details of the proposed extension may not mirror the traditional style of the host building and most of its neighbours but they lead to a design that would be appropriate and acceptable in its context. The character and appearance of the Conservation Area is such that both would be left unharmed by the proposal and it would bring a “subtle architectural interest to Blackett Street”.