There's gold in them there hills.... OK copper?

Work is nearing completion on a contemporary copper clad first floor extension to a house in West Leeds. Located in a conservation area in a picturesque village over-looking Leeds the extension creates an additional bedroom for the owner and their growing famiy and enables them to remain in their current house.  Attempts by previous consultants at gaining planning approval for a first floor extension over an existing flat roof, in a conservation area, were refused by the planners. We were however able to gain planning permission, at appeal, for a contemporary copper clad extension. The simple form is 'set in' from the existing host dwelling enabling the history and detail of the host dwelling to be read. The copper cladding was specified for its quality and enduring physical as well as aestheitc qualities whilst also reinforcing the contrast between 'old' and 'new'. The extension has a simple horizontal window to the rear which whilst minimilistic reflects the proportions of the existing sash windows of the host dwelling helping to tie the new extension in with the old. Work is due to be complete in a couple of weeks.